Palm Dashboard Software

Our online software gives you a clear view of what is happening on the estate site.

Agritix Dashboard gives you constantly updated information about your plantation, guiding you to achieve the maximum yields by recommending solutions as well as providing outbreak notification, weather monitoring, palm growth progress and more.

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Plantation Survey Report

Is your oil palm plantation achieving its maximum yield potential?

We provide an accurate survey report of your entire estate by using latest technology through satellite or drone imagery.
Complete with hectarage, palm count, problem palm identification, palm canopy coverage, road network mapping and more.

Get even lower prices if you have your own drone imagery.

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In-field Data Collection

Looking for labour-saving solutions?

We provide automated harvesting operations tracking through the use of smart devices.

Complete activity breakdown and analytics of your labour force and estimated number of harvested fruits.

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Smart Planter Mobile App

Track your oil palm plantation's profit and expenses easily. Visualize your nett profit with charts over the course of a year.

View the latest MPOB Fresh Fruit Bunch prices with the tap of a button.

A free mobile app available in multiple languages.

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Location-based Reporting

Secure reporting and documenting of issues for field surveys, tagged with precise location and fully synced for rapid response.

Improve workflow. Reduce paperwork. Perpetually free.

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Improve Yield. Optimize Cost. Full transparency. Convenient.
Towards true sustainability.

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